Arlon Military Museum

the Infantry Museum relates the heroic history of infantry from 1830 till nowadays through a rich collection of uniforms, guns and weapons, varied equipments and documents.

The main moments of the Belgian history are evoked and accompanied with showcases full of souvenirs, models dressed with the Belgian soliders' uniforms and dioramas relative to the biggest wars. The Infantery Museum hosts pieces some of them are extremely rare or unique. There are some mortars from the First World War such as the Schneider 75mm, the Jouhandeau-Deslandres 75mm, the Van Deuren 70, uniforms from Belgian Kings (Albert 1st, Léopold 3rd and Baudouin 1st) and some of the uniforms of the very famous General Piron and of the Lieutenant-colonel Blondeel, who was the first commander of the belgian paratroopers.

Excepted for these pieces, most of the uniforms that have been weared and most of the weapons and guns the Belgian infantrymen used are exhibited in this museum

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Route de Bouillon 88

B-6700 Arlon (Arlon)

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