Not to be missed in the Land of Arlon! Let our suggestions and favourites be your guide. See below to find out more.

The Gallo-Roman heritage

Welcome to Arlon, one of the three oldest cities in Belgium! In Roman Times, Arlon was known as Orolaunum and was ideally situated at the crossroads of two major roads: that from Metz to Tongeren and that from Reims to Trier. Two thousand years of history have left the city a rich Gallo-Roman heritage which is well worth exploring. There are two Roman towers to discover and magnificent remains to see in the Archaeological Museum… exceptional heritage to be preserved, shared and not to be missed in Arlon!

The Maitrank

The Maitrank, a drink that is emblematic of the Land of Arlon, is an aperitif based on white wine and sweet woodruff, a plant typical of the region. You simply have to taste it!

The Maitrank Ambassadors:
The ‘Maitrank Ambassador’ label was created in 2013. This label is used to recognise hotels, restaurants and cafés that serve home-made Maitrank.
A plaque is displayed in places in the Land of Arlon that have been recognised as Ambassadors and where quality handcrafted Maitrank can therefore be sampled. Don’t hesitate to go in!
See the list of establishments in our leaflet. Also available from our reception.

The belvedere

Reach for the sky! When the weather is fine, the belvedere offers a superb panoramic view over the Arlon region and the three neighbouring countries.
Climb its 144 steps and admire this marvellous 360° view, which is definitely worth the effort.

Nobressart, one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia

At the heart of undulating countryside lies the village of Nobressart, one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia. Its old farms and quiet streets set in green surroundings will captivate you. Explore this small village during a five kilometre walk with pretty landscapes, countryside and little-known historical remains.

St Martin's Church

St Martin’s church is well worth a detour! This superb edifice has been a listed monument since 2002 and belongs to the exceptional heritage of Wallonia. Its 97-m tall tower makes this is a very impressive structure that is visible from afar in the Arlon landscape.
Don’t hesitate to go in and admire its magnificent stained glass windows, in particular.
The best time of day to visit the church seems to be the late afternoon, when the setting sun pierces its rosette…

The Clémarais Estate

Set at the heart of the town of Aubange, the Clémarais estate comprises a huge building with a pretty courtyard. Construction on the first castle began in the 14th century and was completed in around 1422. All that remains of this period is a square tower known as the Tour aux effraies (Barn owls’ tower), which can be seen just in front. Nothing is left of the second castle, built in the 17th century, except the outbuildings, one of which houses the Syndicat d’Initiative (Tourist Board) and the other sports centre. The main building of the third castle dates from 1839.

The old Clairefontaine Abbey

Nestling deep in the countryside, you can visit the ruins of Clairefontaine Abbey in peace and quiet and enjoy the green surroundings. Be sure to visit the Bel Amour chapel dating from the 19th century, explore the little underground passages and make the most of the fine walks near the site.