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Museum Gaspar is housed in the residence of the middle-class family Gaspar from Arlon who had set up in this house (1893) that was built in 1842. It was renovated in 2004. The two most famous members of this family are animal sculptor Jean-Marie Gaspar (1861-1931) and Charles Gaspar (1971-1950) who was a photographer and a sponsor. He gave his house to the town of Arlon on the condition they make a museum of it, dedicated to his brother's work and that put into honour the history and the heritage of Arlon. At the first floor, theree are two restored salons identical to a middle-class salon from the early 20th century that show Jean-Marie Gaspar's sculptures. and the art and picture collection of Charles Gaspar. The rest of the first floor is dedicated to temporary exhibitions of the museum that alternates artv and history. A religion room shows collections about the abbey of Orval and to the people's devotion at the 18th century, and also relics from the ancient Saint-Martin church. But the Masterpiece is the famous altarpiece Retable de Fisenne - a 16th century masterpiece from the Antwerp school. Guided tours only on request by phone 063.600.654 or (Original text by MT du Pays d?Arlon)This beautiful house was a bank at the origin. It was bought in 1893 by a middle-class family from Arlon, the family Gaspar. Jean Gaspar (1861-1931) was a sculptor. He was trained by the Antwerp sculptor Jef Lambeaux. His works are in bronze and in plaster and they are exhibited in the salons that have been restorated as they were in his house. His brother Charles (1871-1950) was a photographer, a collector and a sponsor. He gave this house to the town of Arlon. It hosts the library of the Archaeological Institute of the Belgian Province of Luxembourg and its secretary office since 1954. A wide part of the museum is also dedicated to temporary exhibitions about art and history of Arlon.

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Rue des Martyrs 16

B-6700 Arlon (Arlon)

49.68375 5.81098 11

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    Closed on Monday and on: 01/01, 01/11, 11/11 and 24,25 and 31/12

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