Le Paradis de Sel (the salt paradise)

Enjoy the powers of salt in a relaxing atmosphere. An ancient vaulted cellar turned into a cave with 15 tons of salt will greet you for relieving your respiratory problems, your stress or just your tiredness. All this in the conditions of the sea climateInside the salt cave, you will have the possibility to enjoy the powers of the air salon in a relaxing and quiet place with an ochred and orange light.

The ambient temperature is between 20 and 23°C and the humidity rate is between 40% and 60%, whatever you need for re-creating the sea climate's conditions.For recreating this atmosphere, 15 tons of salt from Himalaya, from Poland and from the Dead Sea have been exportedHere are some reasons to try the experience of the salt cave: salt has trace elements and negative ions. It acts on the respiratory system and on the articular system. It helps treating skin problems, stress, insomnia, migraine or even tiredness.

Thanks to the shop, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of salt by leaving with a salt lamp, culinary salt and why not cosmetics.




rue du Village 8A

B-6790 Aubange (Aubange)

49.56879 5.80589 11


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